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What to Consider When Searching for Tax Representation Services

These days, many people hire tax advisors or tax preparers to file their tax returns. According to research, there are still people who hardly know much about tax preparers. Hence, many people do not know how to find the best professional for tax representation services. When hiring a tax preparer, you have to ask them if they are able to represent you in a tax audit. This is because you will be required to share details about various personal matters. These include your bank accounts, your income, your marriage and kids, and your social security number. Therefore, it is good to be knowledgeable about the tax representation services and ensure that you have benefited from the service provider fully. The following are things to consider when looking for tax representation services.

Ask for Their Tax Identification Number

When looking for a tax preparer, it is important that you ask the potential professionals or their Preparer Tax Identification Number. The law requires all professionals who prepare or assist in preparing federal tax returns to have this identification number is it is meant for compensation. However, volunteer preparers do not need the Preparer tax identification number. Therefore, make sure that this number is put on your returns for them to be valid.

CPA, Law License or Enrolled Agent Designation

It is advisable to choose a professional who is qualified with CPA, Law license, or enrolled agent designation. Such professionals who also need to have a Preparer Tax Identification Number can represent you in the IRS regarding audits, payments, collection issues, and appeals. You need to note that preparers who only have PTINs cannot represent you in front of the IRS even if they prepared your return. Therefore, if you need representation in front of the IRS, then you have to ensure that the expert has all the law requirements.


Availability also matters a lot. You need to get a tax consultant who is available to assist you in and out of season. They should not only be available during the filing season but should always follow up with you occasionally to prepare for the next return. If they are too busy to respond to your email or take your call, then they may be only after your money. Hence, it is crucial to hire an expert you has your back and puts your interests first before making profits.

Customer Care Service

On the other hand, when looking for tax representation services, it is wise to select a company that you can easily get along with. You should choose a service provider that offers good customer care services. Be keen to see whether the professionals are willing to help you by examining their body language and their communication skills. Ask them as many questions as you can, and be keen on how they respond to you. A good tax representation company should have your interests at heart to ensure that all your tax requirements are met. If you feel uncomfortable with them, trust your guts and move on.

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